When I started looking into the Fit Father Project FF30X program I found an article by Dr. Anthony on the Fit Father Project website about how a man's testosterone starts to decrease as we get older.

Here's some key information from the article:

Here's the problem: As we age, testosterone declines at a rate of 1.2% per year after we hit 30.

  • By the time we're 40, testosterone is down at minimum 12%.
  • By the time we're 50, testosterone is down at minimum 24%.
  • By the time we're 60, testosterone is down at minimum 36%.

And as testosterone declines, muscle starts falling off your bones. Your energy levels begin to tank. Your libido drops. Your erection quality gets substantially worse.

Found at

So I researched the different supplements that were mentioned in the article.

My main concern was I didn't want to take anything that might improve my chances of any type of cancer.

After researching the different supplements I didn't find any negative side effects but the opposite.

They all had positive benefits.

So these were what I took every morning with my shake.

If I'm going to do the Fit Father Project FF30X, why not go all out?

Dr. Anthony recommended a good multivitamin.

I chose Dr. Schulze's SuperFood Plus.

I had taken it before in the powder form and I really liked it.

It's a great multivitamin.

I'd make shakes with it.

But since I was making a shake every morning already, I chose to get the tablet form.

The dose is 15 tablets per day.

I know that's a lot, but I don't have a problem with tablets.

I'd just down about 5 pills at a time with my shake in the morning.

Part of my supplements included Gingko Biloba, Fish Oil, and Saw Palmetto.

I bought my Gingko Biloba and Fish Oil from Costco.

I bought the Saw Palmetto from Vitacost.

Saw Palmetto is supposed to be good for your prostate.

I bought the 5 supplements mentioned in Dr. Anthony's article from Vitacost.

Here are the 5 supplements:

Vitamin D3 - A Vitamin D deficiency can lower testosterone.

Zinc - Zinc deficiency can lower testosterone and weaken immune system.

Magnesium - Magnesium deficiency can lead to lower testosterone and magnesium can help lower blood pressure naturally, help your body to relax, and combat fatigue caused by stress.

DHEA - Helps your body produce testosterone.  Also helps energy, mood, and cognition.  DHEA is a MILD CYP3A4 inhibitor so check with your doctor first.

And Creatine Monohydrate - Helps improve testosterone levels and increase energy for workouts.  I didn't take creatine every day.  I took creatine in my post workout shakes.

If you haven't tried Vitacost, I highly recommend it.

They sell vitamins, supplements, food, plus a whole lot more.

They have all the major brands.

I buy the Vitacost brand items most of the time.

They have some great deals.

Overall the website tends to have better prices than Amazon or other competitors.

It's always good to check the Vitacost site first for their prices before purchasing.

It's free shipping for $25 worth of Vitacost brand items or $49 worth of non-Vitacost brand items for free shipping in the United States.

I spent $46 for the Saw Palmetto, DHEA, Chelated Zinc, Magnesium Ultra, Vitamin D3, and Creatine Monohydrate.

All of it should last me at least 3 months.