My Why

I’m not getting any younger. 

And if I don’t change something now I’ll continue to be this weight for the rest of my life. 

I’m not obese, just packing an extra 30-35 pounds around the midsection, my man boobs, and second chin.

Pretty much like most Americans.

I also am really out of shape. 

I’ve practiced with my 13 year old son playing basketball and my energy is not what it used to be.

Hopefully losing weight and getting back in shape will make things easier.

I’m hoping to increase my energy.

Honestly, I’m tired of being chunky. 

I didn’t pack on the pounds till I was around 35 years old.

I would like to wear t-shirts or polo shirts and not have my stomach stick out.

Also, on a personal note, prostate cancer and some other stomach cancers run in my family. 

Doctors say staying active and eating healthy can help reduce your chance of cancer.