Getting Started

I bought the program and have already read the meal plan and went through the Fit Father Project website to get an idea of what this diet entails. 

I spent some time going through the website and the meal plan.

As far as what is the most important for weight loss, the diet is 85% and the workout is 15%.

It’s actually more of a lifestyle than a diet.

It’s about controlling what you eat by getting away from junk food.

The Fit Father Project FF30X meal plan is trying to get you to form healthy eating habits when it comes to food.    

It’s eating healthy, easy to prepare and real food meals.

Also water is an important part to keep the body hydrated.

The Fit Father Project Meal Plan is a huge resource. 

It’s actually called ‘The Fit Father “No Think” Fat Loss Meal Plan’. 

Dr. Anthony has put it together and packed it with information.

It covers how most diets fail because they are not sustainable. 

But this diet is different since it understands the normal guy is busy, doesn’t have time for special meals that won’t fit into your lifestyle. 

But also know that you have to put in the work to get results. 

Work hard and eat right and you’ll lose weight. 

Be accountable and take action. 

Create better eating habits and get away from junk food. 

Also for the last 20 years Dr. Anthony has specialized with helping busy dads over 40 lose weight.

The Fit Father Project Meal Plan has covered everything. 

There are 4 meal plan setups for all types of schedules. 

There’s a meal plan for guys who get up early and go to work, like I do, I’m at work at 6am every morning. 

There’s a meal plan for guys who work at home or at home most of the day. 

There’s a meal plan to mix and match the previous 2.

And there’s even a night shift meal plan for those guys that work through the night. 

If you can’t figure out the right plan for you, you can work with Dr. Anthony’s team to put one together.

‘The Fit Father “No Think” Fat Loss Meal Plan’ covers everything. 

There are 2 shakes to choose from for breakfast to help burn fat. 

There are also lots of recipes for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

There’s even options for what to order when your out at lunch.

The Fit Father Project FF30X covers when to eat, what to eat, and how to eat. 

It’s about changing your eating lifestyle, habits, and behavior. 

There’s also helpful videos and you can load the whole pdf meal plan and workout plan into your smartphone.

Also water is important in this diet to keep the body hydrated.

The meal plan actually looks pretty good and I already ordered and received the ingredients online for my morning shake. 

I’m looking forward to getting started.