Fit Father Project FF30X Day 9

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 9

I’m still keeping to the Fit Father Project FF30X plan. 

I’m drinking my water and eating sensible meals.  I’m also noticing I’m losing weight. 

Today I wore a polo shirt that fit tight in the past. 

I’ve lost some weight in my stomach and waist section. 

The shirt fits nicely now. 

I’m starting to eye some of the other shirts I have in my closet that fit tight before and I never wore. 

If I keep losing weight I’m definitely going to be wearing them.

I had my excellent shake #2 for breakfast. 

I let my wife, daughter, and son have a taste. 

They liked it. 

For lunch I went to Veggie Grill. 

It was a nice meal and filling. 

For dinner I had some taco’s that were do it yourself from Costco without the cheese but with salsa. 

Again dinner was a sensible meal. 

I’m feeling good and losing weight.

The Fit Father Project FF30X is not about eating special, hard to eat meals but normal savory tasting sensible meals. 

Otherwise it would get difficult to stick with.

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