Fit Father Project FF30X Day 8

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 8

It’s been 8 days for my real Fit Father Project FF30X review and hopefully it’s been helpful.

I failed to mention there’s quite a bit of helpful information in .pdf format that can be downloaded once you’re logged in to the Fit Father Project website. 

I put them in iBooks on my iPhone. 

I haven’t read them all yet. 

I do use the meal plan pdf on my phone for ingredients to make my shake in the morning and keep track of my meal schedule and my On The Go options to choose from. 

I also use my workout pdf to see what I need to do for the day or week since it changes weekly.

The Fit Father Project website is also set up to guide the user along with helpful emails after completing different parts of the process. 

This is to help the user with inspiration and information with the diet.

I just wanted to add that to show that the Fit Father Project FF30X is more than just a diet and workout plan but a whole support package including emails, videos, .pdf’s, and even a facebook group with likeminded people who are doing the FF30X. 

There’s even a Customer Happiness Specialist to check on you if you stumble.  I was contacted by a Customer Success Rep since I hadn’t completed my mission statement on the website.

Alright, back to me documenting by day. 

Had my shake for breakfast and really like it.  Shake #2 is my favorite. 

I drank my water today and had my ‘Manwich’ lunch that I made the night before. 

I had my snack this afternoon before I worked out.

I tried a Quest chocolate fudge bar as my snack.

It was horrible.

The sweetener in it is Sucralose and it is nasty.

It leaves an awful aftertaste.

I won’t be eating that again.

The Apex workout is still a handful but is getting easier. 

I was a little tired today seeing it’s Friday but I powered through with some Rob Zombie Radio on Pandora. 

My muscle soreness is pretty much gone. 

For dinner I did a Chipotle On The Go meal. 

It was a good and filling. 

I’m actually losing weight. 

I had to tighten my work belt at work today. 

Everything is going well.

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