Fit Father Project FF30X Day 6

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 6

It’s day 6 already for my Fit Father Project FF30X. 

I’m still feeling a little sore today but was looking forward to my Apex workout. 

I stuck to the meal plan with my water, shake, Ezekiel Bread Turkey Avocado “Manwich” for lunch today, cashews and turkey jerky for snack, and salmon patties, brown rice, and mixed vegetables for dinner. 

I worked out when I got home before dinner in my garage.

We park both cars in our garage but I workout before my wife got home.  

This time I had my headphones for some music to keep me amped. 

I also had some towels for the sweat and a pad for the floor. 

This time it was still a workout but I knew what my routine was so I knew what to expect. 

The workout was good and my sore muscles felt better lifting weights for the Fit Father Project FF30X Apex workout. 

I also stretched some after warming up. 

Overall it was a positive day. 

I feel good and don’t feel bloated anymore. 

I’ll be at day 7 tomorrow.

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