Fit Father Project FF30X Day 4

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 4

I’m keeping to the plan.  

I made my lunch the night before and my shake in the morning when I woke up and took it with me.

I also packed my water.  

I’m starting to feel good from my Fit Father Project FF30X diet.  

Normally I get a venti Pike from Starbucks in the morning to wake up since I start work at 6am.  

With the shake and the water in the morning I didn’t feel the need to buy coffee.  

For lunch I had the Ezekiel Bread Turkey Avocado “Manwich”.  

I drank my water.  

I later had my snack of cashews and turkey jerky at home before my workout.  

I had my post workout shake after.  

For dinner I stuck to the plan and ate one of my go to meals of chicken, brown rice, and vegetables.

About the workout, this was my first workout.

By the way, I haven’t covered the workout side of the Fit Father Project FF30X.  

There’s a workout plan in pdf form so it can be loaded into your smartphone.  

There are helpful videos that cover everything related to the workout including before, the exercises, and post workout.

There’s a workout for those that don’t belong to a gym.  

All you need is dumb bells and this is called the Apex.  

There is also an additional workout to supplement the Apex if you belong to a gym.  

I don’t belong to a gym so grabbed my 2 15 pound dumb bells and went to my garage.

I am out of shape and haven’t done weights for 20 years. 

The Apex workout kicked my butt. 

Considering it was my first workout, I had to power through it. 

It is a workout and a half but not too much to handle. 

Remember you get out of it what you put into it. 

Work hard and you should have results. 

For guys that have been doing the Fit Father Project FF30X, they can do the workout in about 30 minutes. 

I took 1 1/2 hours. 

It should get easier as I go.

So far I’m enjoying the diet. 

It takes a little getting used to with the water and eating sensible sized meals. 

Dr. Anthony had this in mind when he set the Fit Father Project FF30X up. 

A sensible diet that is easy to follow. 

It’s not starving yourself or eating meals that you don’t enjoy. 

I’ve been eating, but I just don’t kill it going for seconds like I used to. 

I haven’t felt bloated and haven’t had to work to button my pants for work. 

I actually feel good.

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