Fit Father Project FF30X Day 3

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 3

I had Fat Burning Breakfast Shake #1 for breakfast which is actually easy to drink and tastes flavorful.

It was my daughter’s birthday and we went to an Italian restaraunt.

I had caesar salad and pesto raviolis.

I had a sensible lunch with unsweetened iced tea.

I always drink water or unsweetened iced tea for my meals.

For snack I had cashews and turkey jerky.

I also drank all of my necessary water throughout the day.

I had the hibachi chicken for dinner that my wife brought home from Benihana’s the day before.

There are going to be special events like birthdays that may be difficult.

I just remember to stick to eating a sensible meal like the examples in the Fit Father Project meal plan.

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