Fit Father Project FF30X Day 20

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 20

Day 20 of my Fit Father Project FF30X fell on a Wednesday.

10 more days to go and I’m already halfway through the week.

I started my day off with a shake #2.

I love the taste of that shake.

I had a pesto chicken “manwich” with tomatoes for lunch.

I made my lunch and set up my shake the night before.

For my snack I had an organic Fuji apple and turkey jerky.

I drank all of my water for the day.

Dinner was easy.

I heated up some chicken breast and added brown rice and frozen organic green mixed vegetables.

I was supposed to do my Apex workout today.

I was beat and decided to postpone it to the next day.

That’s ok because I have a high intensity training on Friday so it’s not 2 Apex workouts in a row.

Dr. Anthony says treat the workouts like appointments.

If you can’t do it one day, make it up the next day.

An important item to note is that when I started the Fit Father Project FF30X plan, I didn’t complete my start up check off list on the website that matches the day of your workout and meal plan with really informative daily emails from Dr. Anthony.

I’m on day 20 but I got an email for day 8 today.

My fault, I didn’t list the things completed as I was supposed to until day 12.

The day 8 email was actually very helpful.

To lose weight and build muscle, I need to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

This week I’ve been getting 5 1/2 to 6 hours of sleep and I can feel it.

So tonight I’m going to make sure I get to bed at a good time and then I’ll get home tomorrow night and knock out my Apex workout.

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