Fit Father Project FF30X Day 2

I drank my water and had shake #1 from the meal plan.

I enjoyed the shake and it was easy to drink.

Today was Saturday.

My brother-in-law was having lunch at Benihana’s for his birthday.

I checked the Fit Father Project meal plan but no On The Go meals for Benihana’s.

So I ordered the hibachi chicken which was rice, grilled chicken, and a salad.

It covered all my bases for a quality meal.

My son had a basketball playoff game about 1 1/2 hours after we started our lunch.

I ordered the hibachi chicken as a to-go so it would be made faster and I could eat it.

Instead it took too long and I ended up eating salad and chicken fried rice prepared by our Benihana chef.

My wife took the hibachi chicken home with her after I left.

Later in the afternoon I drank my water and had my snack that was cashews and turkey jerky.

For dinner, we went to the relatives house to continue celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday.

I had pancit and crab for dinner.

It’s not in the Fit Father Project meal plan but sometimes you have to eat what’s available. Plus I really enjoy pancit and crab and I didn’t overdo it.

By the way, I weighed myself every morning and night.

I would wake up and use the bathroom and then weigh myself.

At night I would weigh myself before going to bed.

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