Fit Father Project FF30X Day 16

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 16

My day 16 of my Fit Father Project FF30X was a Saturday.

I had my water and shake #2 for breakfast.

I still really like shake #2.

For lunch I had an On The Go meal from Chipotle which I enjoyed.

I skipped my snack because I ate a late lunch.

We went to a relatives house for dinner and I had 2 homemade empanadas and pancit.

The empanadas were delicious but I didn’t want to overdo it eating.

I drank my water for the day.

Saturday was my “free” day for my Fit Father Project FF30X workout schedule.

I could pick any activity and do it for an hour.

I used to play basketball on Saturday mornings at a local gym with a group of guys.

I hadn’t played basketball since December (3 months ago).

I played once a week on Saturdays last year, which was just enough to get exercise but not enough to lose weight and get much better.

It was just enough to play and get frustrated and realize I shouldn’t be so tired and should have more energy.

I played basketball at the gym for my “free” day.

I actually noticed a difference energy wise this time.

I hadn’t played in 3 months but I had more energy than I used to.

We played for a couple hours and it was my legs that finally gave out towards the end, but stamina wise I was still fine.

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