Fit Father Project FF30X Day 15

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 15

Today was Friday and I had the day off.

I woke up and had my shake #2 which was excellent.

For lunch I had the Ezekiel pesto chicken “Manwich” which pleasantly delicious because the chicken and other ingredients were hot right out of the pan.  I drank all my water for the day.

I messed up my eating times and ended up with a very late dinner.

I had lunch around 2 in the afternoon.

I was working on a project most of the day on the computer and didn’t have my snack till about 6pm.

I ended up doing my Apex workout at 6:45pm.

So I did my workout till 8:15 and had my post workout shake.

I then had my dinner, which was chicken breast, green vegetables, and brown rice at 8:45.

The Fit Father Project FF30X meal plan recommends eating at 7pm and not to eat anything after before going to bed.

It was too much in a short period of time so I felt kind of bloated.

So spacing out meals and eating at the appointed time is important.

So I finished my 3 workouts for the week.

Today went well.

I put the earbuds in and started with The Chemical Brothers radio and ended with Black Sabbath radio on the free Pandora on my iPhone.

I can now get farther into the workout before it starts getting difficult.

I found the workout is getting easier because I’m breathing better or correctly when doing each exercise.

It makes a difference.

Tomorrow is my free day.

I’m supposed to pick an exercise of my choice and do for an hour.

Tomorrow morning I’m playing basketball for a couple hours as my free day.

It’s going to be ugly, but at least I’ll break a good sweat.

Overall everything is going well.

Today I wore some jeans that I hadn’t worn for a while, I had to tighten my belt to the next hole.

I’m half way through my 30 days of the Fit Father Project FF30X program.

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