Fit Father Project FF30X Day 12

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 12

Today was an easy day. 

Unfortunately I kind of messed up my great shake. 

I added too much water to it and it didn’t taste as good. 

It was still good but it wasn’t excellent. 

My lunch #2, the Ezekiel Bread Chicken Pesto “Manwich”, on the other hand was really tasty. 

I added tomato slices which was a great addition. 

I also drank my water like I was supposed to. 

For dinner I’m going to eat tuna, mixed vegetables, and brown rice for my Go To sensible meal.

There are may other dinner recipes in the Fit Father’s No Think Fat Loss meal plan to choose from but I’m just keeping it simple.

No butt kicking workout today so I’m able to take it easy.

I just finished catching up with the lessons on the Fit Father Project membership site. 

This is a well thought out plan on the site that Dr. Antony has put together. 

My only complaint is it’s hard to navigate through the site to find my check off list. 

Once I figured it out and found the check off list for where I needed to be I was able to watch the videos and download the lessons to read. 

I finished my mission statement, read a lesson on affordable healthy food shopping, and read a lesson on alcohol and losing weight. 

By checking off what I’ve finished kicks in accountability emails to be sent off to me to help me through the week. 

I’m all caught up and I’m at day 12 of the Fit Father Project FF30X like I need to be.

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