Fit Father Project FF30X Day 10

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 10

It’s still the weekend and I got up a little late. 

I made my excellent shake #2 for breakfast. 

I went to Mendocino Farms with the family for lunch and got a sensible meal which was a BBQ tempeh sandwich. 

It was tasty.

For snack I had cashews and turkey jerky.

I drank my water for the day.  

For dinner I had salmon from Costco with a couple sides. 

It was a nice meal.

I’m getting tired of my lunch #1 from the Fit Father Project FF30X meal plan and bought some ingredients for lunch #2. 

I make my meals for work the night before to make it easy to just wake up, load my lunch box, and go to work. 

I set up my shake the night before and throw everything in the blender in the morning. 

The shake takes less than 5 minutes in the morning. 

I load my lunch box with my shake, meal, snack, water, and blue ice and I’m out the door.

I’ve been feeling good. 

Before I felt bloated and not very productive. 

This weekend I got a lot done around the house and spent time with the family going out.

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