Fit Father Project FF30X Day 29

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 29

So day 29 of my Fit Father Project FF30X program.

I’ve kept breakfast consistent everyday so far, so now is not the time to change.

I had my excellent shake #2 for breakfast.

For lunch I tried something new from the Fit Father Project FF30X meal plan.

I had the On The Go Lunch Shake with an organic Fuji apple.

The shake was the “No Blend” Protein Lunch Shake.

It’s different but I liked it and it was filling.

I drank all of my water for the day.

Today was my second High Intensity Interval Training.

I did jogging.

I am lighter, it’s easier to jog.

It’s a nice workout.

Gets the heart beating and the metabolism going.

For dinner we went out to a Japanese restaurant with some family.

I had the sashimi salad and unsweetened iced tea for dinner.

It was a flavorful dinner and I enjoyed it.

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