Fit Father Project FF30X Day 27

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 27

I had shake #2 for breakfast.

It’s still a delicious shake.

For lunch I did an On The Go meal at subway.

In the afternoon I had my snack of turkey jerky and an organic Fuji apple.

I drank all of my water for the day.

I did my Apex workout when I got home from work.

I can’t believe it’s day 27 of my Fit Father Project FF30X plan.

I have one more Apex workout on Saturday left.

On Friday I have a high intensity interval training and a free day on Sunday.

I probably will jog or play basketball.

I feel good and I’m starting to think about jogging or playing basketball during the upcoming weeks.

I’ve eaten healthy and reasonable sized portions.

I haven’t felt bloated like a beached whale since I started the Fit Father Project FF30X.

The Apex workout is still tough but I know I have to just do the work and finish the workout.

It’s just business now.

Today I listened to Metallica radio on free pandora on my iPhone.

But it really doesn’t matter.

I’m to the point now I know I have to get it done and I just do it.

Some of the Apex exercises I could barely do the first week, but now it’s no problem.

I’m making progress, losing weight, and really feeling good.

I’ve only had 4 cups of caffeine in the last 4 weeks.

I had 2 espresso shots, some Turkish coffee at work, and a can of Nitro Coffee from Pete’s coffee.

That’s it.

For dinner I got an On The Go meal at Taco Bell.

It was tasty and it filled me up.

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