Fit Father Project FF30X Day 23

Fit Father Project FF30X Day 23

It’s Fit Father Project FF30X day 23.

I hope my Fit Father Project FF30X review has been helpful so far.

For breakfast I had my awesome shake #2.

This is by far my favorite shake and I won’t be going back to shake #1.

Shake #1 was good, but no where close to shake #2.

For lunch I had a chicken thigh with 1 teaspoon of Trader Joe’s Soyaki , some frozen asparagus from Trader Joes, and brown rice.

It easy to make and it’s tasty.

I drank all of my water for the day.

I had a late lunch that day so I didn’t have an afternoon snack.

I did my Apex workout before dinner.

I was tired when I started my Fit Father Project FF30X Apex workout.

But after getting into it, I felt rejuvenated and felt great when I finished.

The Apex workout is getting easier, it’s not easy but it is getting easier.

Shortly after I finished my Apex workout, I jumped in the shower and was out the door.

I took my son to ChickFilet where I had an On The Go Meal.

And then we went and saw Captain Marvel at the movie theater.

It was a nice Saturday night.

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